Kitchen contraptions :)

So excited to have this πŸ˜€

Coastal South Indian food makes use of a lot of coconut. My mom sometimes used 2-3 coconuts a week to cook for our family of four. Here in the US I tend to buy frozen grated coconut from the Indian store. The taste of fresh coconut is still somehow a little different. One can buy whole coconuts at the Mexican store in Texas and in the Asian store here in Virginia. I had no way of breaking those coconuts and grating them so it seemed a waste to buy them! In India we use a large iron sickle to break the coconut and a special serrated iron blade to grate it. A few months ago while visiting a beach in Connecticut I got the idea of using a stone to break open a coconut. The only thing left to complete the set was a serrated blade. The ones we find in India are normally blades that are attached to a little stool that you use to sit close to the ground and grate the coconut. I was looking for something that I could affix to my kitchen platform – simply to make life easier πŸ™‚

My aunt had the very thing I needed and graciously gave it to me on my recent visit to India. I can fix it when needed to the kitchen platform with a clamp and get it off when I am done with it! I was brimming with excitement to use it. This past week we had some North Indian friends over for a meal. They are vegetarian so I decided to cook a traditional South Indian vegetarian meal for them. What better time than that to inaugurate the coconut grater???

Here are a few pictures!

Here’s freshly grated coconut!


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