Our trip to Springfield butcher

A few months ago I was on a “buy groupon” roll! While high on this roll I bought a groupon to the Springfield butcher. It was a $13 groupon valued for goods worth $26. We went to redeem it today and while the items seemed a little pricey, I think it definitely beats the frozen meats available in the regular grocery store! Clive and I had no particular plans for lunch, so we thought we’d buy something that we could cook for lunch and also a few other things that we could freeze. We ended up buying venison kabobs, lamb cutlets and cajun sausages! I froze the sausages, but we had half a cutlet and the kabobs for lunch. You could definitely taste the FRESH meat. I miss eating fresh meat and am totally fed up with frozen stuff. Overall, Yum!! I’m definitely going back again 🙂 I might be waiting for the next groupon to come by though….